[MP] Monthly Prompt

Hello, everyone! It is time to host our monthly prompt!
Participating in the prompt will give your Bayfox a chance to become Bay of the month and receive a special care package as well as gift art!

This month's prompt is:


Honey doesn’t lose its sweetness because it is made by bees that sting.

OBJECTIVE: Depict your Bayfox interracting with insects of any kind! Are they working with the titular bees that appear from time to time nearby flowers? Or are they caring for another kind of insect, such as butterflies or dragonflies?


All entrants receive a chance to have their Bayfoxes become Bayfox of the Month!
What does this mean?
Once your Bayfox becomes Bayfox of the month, other people can draw your Bayfox for bonus seashells, and you can get tons of gift art in return!

How are Bayfoxes of the Month picked?
All Monthly Prompt entries will be given a number, and winners will be randomly pulled through an RNG (random number generator)! One winner will be pulled.

Is there anything else I should know?
By entering your Bayfox to become Bayfox of the month, you are giving permission to people to draw your Bayfox. Only other people's gift art will grant them bonus seashells. Drawing your own Bayfox does not grant you Bay of the Month bonus seashells. You will however receive a care package full of goodies for getting picked!

What are Bay of the Month bonuses?
Each user that is not the owner of the Bayfox can draw gift art of the Bay of the Month to earn an additional 100 shells to their work. Commissions and art trades of the Bay of the Month cannot be redeemed for Bay of the Month bonus shells.


Art: You may interpret the theme however you'd like, as long as it's clear it's related!
Must be fullbody with minimal coverage (90% of body must be visible) to count, and must be at least flatcolored.
A depth background is no longer required as long as the image portrays the prompt clearly!

Writing: Story must be a minimum of 500 words. One of more bayfoxes must be present throughout the story. 

An RNG will be rolled per each entry, and a spring exclusive pet will be rolled.
10 EC per entry submitted 

These pets are exclusive to spring events!

(Winner of bayfox of the month will get a care package including 3 more monthly pets, 5 odd scales, 5 iridescent scales, 5 golden scales, 5 normal scales and 5000 seashells)



 Entry Limit: Unlimited.

 Prompt ends when it is no longer August 31st, 2023 anywhere in the world.



Want to suggest Monthly Prompt themes?
Feel free to suggest new ideas in our discord!