Base Space

Welcome to the Base Space! Here you can view a gallery of user-submitted bases that you can use to design your Bayfoxes, Baykits, and Baysunes. Anyone can submit a base that they made at any time! Please click the images below to be taken to a page where you can download the base.

Bases will be labeled with “Pay To Use (PTU)” or “Free To Use (FTU)”.

Submission Rules

  • You will get a flat bonus of 200 shells for submitting a base to this collection, no matter what kind of base it is.
  • Any base you submit MUST BE YOUR OWN ART. Collabs are not accepted.
  • Bases MUST be transparent digital files.
  • Bases can have watermarks/signatures, but they must NOT be overlaid on top of the bay and should be to the side or along the edge of the outline, or otherwise subtle.
  • Your base does not have to have every possible trait ever, it’s okay if they’re just the outline of a Bay’s body.
  • Your Bayfox bases MUST be feral, as many will want to use your base for their design’s approval art.
  • You CANNOT submit bases to Art Redemption.
  • You are allowed to submit multiple bases that you’ve made, but they will be judged based on uniqueness from any other bases you’ve submitted, as to prevent grinding the 200 shell reward.
  • Bayfox and Baysune bases can be either PTU or FTU, but Baykit bases CANNOT be PTU.
  • If you have a base that can be used for nonbay designs as well as Bayfoxes, it is okay to submit it as a Bayfox base. However, Baykit and Baysune bases must specifically be made for Baykits and Baysunes. 
  • You can update or replace a base at any time by submitting the updated version/replacement through the submission box.
  • You can remove bases from the gallery by dming a moderator.


----PLEASE---- be sure to click “Show Details” for the form that you’ll need to fill out in the comment section of your submission! SUBMISSIONS WITHOUT FORMS WILL BE REJECTED, and you will be asked to resubmit with the correct form.




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