Baycember Questionnaire

A strange letter with a red envelope and a neatly tied yellow ribbon sits on your doorstep. Odd- you weren't expecting any letters from others. Curiously, you reach out gingerly to pick up the letter and look for any evidence of a sender. Much to your surprise, there's none written on the envelope itself. Maybe there'll be more information on the letter itself?

Heading back inside your home after a long and chilly winter evening, you set the letter down and open it, interested to see what it might have to say. Once opened, the sheer length of the letter itself becomes apparent to you. You unfold it only to find a long list of questions, most of them seemingly related to the season at present. You skim it, once again looking for a return address. You couldn't find one. For some reason, though, you felt compelled to answer this questionnaire- who knows, maybe it'll end up in the rightful hands of the mysterious sender after all.

Welcome to the Baycember 2021 Questionnaire! The questionnaire is a great opportunity to earn EC as well as a special reward. Please be sure to read all of the rules carefully. The Baycember 2021 Award is a prerequisite for participation in this event, so please make sure you have it! If you do not have this award, your entires will have to be declined.


  • All questions must be answered in-character using your own Bayfoxes. Make sure that their spoken dialogue is at least two sentences long and answers the question seriously.
  • Each time the questionnaire is filled, only one select Bayfox can be answering the questions! It cannot be mixed with another Bayfox and must be limited to the single Bayfox selected.
  • Your Festive Pockat will be granted to you once you answer all of the 25 unique Baycember questions. Repeats of questions will not count towards this, so make sure to answer them all individually! 35 questions can be done total on one submission if including the general questions, but they are optional.
  • Generic questions may be completed for extra 1EC each and an rng companion. They do not have to be completed to receive your Festive Pockat.
  • When submitting your questionnaire, please be sure to number all of your questions! This makes it easier for the readers to keep track of how many questions you've answered.
  • You will receive a flat rate of 1 EC per answered question.
  • You may submit 3 unique questionnaire submissions, all of which you may earn EC from. Only the first submission will grant you a Festive Pockat.
  • Please make sure to submit a complete questionnaire! You may not redeem rewards for any remaining unanswered questions in a separate submission. 
  • Keep all 25 (or 35 if including general) questions (or less if not doing all of them) IN ONE SUBMISSION in order to receive proper rewards! Singular question submissions will be declined!
  • You must submit your answers by copying and pasting the questions into the "notes" tab on submissions! 

BayCEMBER Questions

  1. Do you like to spend the holidays alone or with others?
  2. What’s your favorite gift you’ve gotten from someone? 
  3. What’s your favorite gift you’ve given to someone?
  4. What's your opinion on snow?
  5. What are your favorite holiday treats? 
  6. Do you like the longer nights of the winter season, or do you miss the daytime? 
  7. Do you decorate your home for the holidays? How do you decorate it? 
  8. Do you have a particularly fond winter memory? 
  9. How do you tend to celebrate the holidays? Do you plan elaborate parties? Spend the evening on your own? 
  10. How far in advance do you usually prepare for the holidays? 
  11. Do you like to stargaze on clear winter nights?
  12. Do you usually buy gifts from the store, or do you prefer to make something of your own? 
  13. Is the silence of the winter lonely or comforting to you? 
  14. What was your favorite thing to do during the winter as a kit? 
  15. What‘s your favorite thing to do in the winter now? 
  16. Do you visit any family for the holidays? 
  17. Is there a particular holiday story or legend that you enjoy? 
  18. What’s your favorite part about winter? 
  19. What’s your least favorite part about winter? 
  20. Do you find yourself drawn to the cold, or do you tend to want to avoid it? 
  21. What's your plan in a winter storm? 
  22. Do you like or hate Christmas shopping?
  23. Do you like blankets or sweaters, or do you find too much layers too much to bear? 
  24. Do you have a high or low cold tolerance? 
  25. Have you ever dressed up for the holidays? Wore a santa hat?

Generic Questions

  1. 1. Where is your favorite place? 
  2. Have you ever had any strange dreams? Or any dreams you remember specifically? 
  3. Do you identify more as a night owl? Or an early bird? 
  4. What's your favorite season and why? 
  5. Are you more of a lone wolf or do you like to do activities with friends? 
  6. Talk about one of your favorite things! 
  7. Do you have any goals or aspirations? 
  8. What is something that upsets you?
  9. What is something that comforts you? 
  10. Do you prefer peace and quiet, or do you prefer louder and more busier surroundings?


Please click "Show Details" for both a reminder of the rules as well as the submission form. The form is required- submissions without it will be declined!