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This page has all of the information you’ll need on Baykits! You can find all of the details below. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY.

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Baykit Ref

A Kit MYO slot is considered “Unused” when they still have a placeholder Egg image in their Masterlist entry. Unused Kit MYO slots may also be referred to as “Egg Slots”.

Conversely, a Kit MYO is considered “Approved” when they have their approved design in the image of their Masterlist entry.

What kinds of Bays can have Kits, and how will they inherit Traits?

Water Bay + Water Bay = Water Kit

Cuisine Bay + Cuisine Bay = Cuisine Kit

Glass Bay + Glass Bay = Glass Kit

Water Bay + Glass Bay = Water Kit

  • There is a 1/500 chance that any of the four Baykits in any marriage will hatch as an Oil Kit.
  • Out of that 1/500 chance, there is a 25% chance the Oil Kit will be Watercolor, a 15% chance that they will be Elemental, and a 10% chance that they will be Lava.
  • There is a 1/1,000 chance that any of the four Baykits in any marriage will hatch as a Hybrid Oil Kit. (Possible Hybrids: Water/Oil, Cuisine/Oil, Glass/Oil)
  • There is a 1/5 chance that any of the four Baykits in a Glass/Water marriage will be a Glass Kit.
  • Oil Bays cannot have Kits. However, if an Oil Bay is married to at least two other Bays who can have Kits, the Kits have a 2/5 chance at freely inheriting some of the Oil Bay’s randomly rolled non-exclusive traits.
  • Cuisines cannot have Kits with non-Cuisines. However, like with Oil bays, if they are in a marriage with at least two other Bays who can have kits, the Kits have a 2/5 chance at freely inheriting some of the Cuisine Bay’s randomly rolled non-exclusive traits.

Kit Design

Please make sure to review the rules outlined below when designing your Kits for approval!

  1. Egg slots NEVER expire, so you can make a design for an unused Kit MYO and get it approved at any time. Please follow the same rules with Kit WIPs as you would with adult Bay WIPs!
  2. When you design a Kit, you are allowed to make them resemble their parents with markings, water placement, and eye color, but you can only directly pick ONE color from each of the parents to give the Kit for their fur or water. This is to encourage you to get creative with making unique Kit designs!
  3. You are allowed to design Kits for other people if THEY have unused MYO slots. You CANNOT profit off of the design in any way, and it MUST be a gift or freebie custom.
  4. The person who owns the Kit must submit the Kit for approval. 
  5. When you design your Kits, you will have a list of every trait that EACH of the parents have, and can choose traits from that list to give to the Kit. All of these traits are free.
  6. You are allowed to give Kits traits that are NOT on their provided list, but just like with adult Bay MYOs, you must have the necessary items to give the Kits these traits.
  7. Kit traits do NOT have to match up perfectly if there are different variations for a trait. For example, if a parent has Metal Body (Steel), the Kit can have Metal Body (Gold), or if a parent has Plant Body (Daisy), the Kit can have Plant Body (Tulip). If a parent has deer-like Antlers, the Kit can have moose-like Antlers. If a parent has an Unlisted Tail (Dragon Fin), the Kit can have Unlisted Tail (Sea Fairy), etc., etc..
  8. You are still allowed to make designs for any unused Kit MYO slots that you own, even if you no longer own the Kit’s parent(s).
  9. You CANNOT use a Full Course Meal or Cake Mix to turn Water Baykits into Cuisine Baykits.
  10. CBC Kit designs MUST follow the same rules as adult Bay CBCs.
  11. You are allowed to design Kits on bases. HOWEVER, you can ONLY use the Baykit bases found at the Bayse center.
  12. You are not able to redesign Kits until AFTER they’ve become fully fledged Bayfoxes.

Trading and Obtaining Kits

Rules regarding the trading, acquisition, and removal of Kits are a bit complicated, but we've done our best to describe them below. Feel free to ask any questions for clarification!

  1. You are NOT allowed to transfer unused Kit MYO slots to a different user under ANY circumstance. The ONLY exception is if you’re transferring the slot to the member(s) who own the other parent(s) of the Kit, and no one else.
  2. Because single parents are the only parents of their Kits, you will not be able to trade the unused Kit MYO slots to anyone, at all. The only exception is if you are transferring the parent Bay to someone else and want to give the unused MYO slots to them as well. You will NOT be able to get those slots back if you do, since the new owner must follow the same rules that you did.
  3. If you have unused Kit MYO slots and want to get rid of them, you will be able to submit them to the Adoption Tidepool. You cannot “void” unused Kit MYO slots.
  4. There is a cooldown of TWO WEEKS when transferring APPROVED Kit designs to another member.
  5. You are only allowed to gift/freebie approved Kit designs, and cannot profit off of them in any way.*
  6. You can obtain more Baykits than four for one family, but only via adoption, and only if ALL previously acquired Egg Slots in the family have approved designs.
  7. Voiding Kits with approved designs follows all of the same rules as adult Bays. If you want to void your approved Kit designs, please go to the Voiding Center to do so.
  8. If you have a Kit design that you acquired as a freebie BEFORE the Masterlist was introduced, but you don’t have an unused Kit MYO slot to approve them even though you want to register them to the Masterlist, please DM a moderator in order to get them registered.

* When a Baykit has completed the Growth Trial to become a fully fledged Bayfox, then you are allowed to trade them without restrictions or sell them after appraisal. They may be appraised based ONLY on art made of them as an adult. Said Growth Trial is TBA.

Adoption Tidepool

If you have married Bayfoxes who are not able to have Kits, have a Bay family that wants more Kits, or if you have a single Bay who wants to raise Kits on their own, then we have an option for you to grow your Bays’ families!

Sometimes the tidepool might run low, so be sure to check how many Egg Slots on the ML we have waiting for new families before applying for adoption.



  1. Any species of Bayfox can adopt a kit!
  2. Single parents, couples, and polycules of any sort can adopt Kits! (Couples and polycules must have completed the Lovey Dovey trial)
  3. You can adopt up to TWO Kits at a time. You CANNOT adopt more until all previously unused Kit MYO slots in the family have approved designs.
  4. Kit Eggs will be randomly selected, regardless of subspecies or pre-existing traits.
  5. HOWEVER, Oil, Glass, and Cuisine parents can state preferences for other Oil, Glass, or Cuisine Kits, and their preference will be weighted during the random selection. This is NOT a guarantee that they will get their preference, but it does make it more likely. Water Bays cannot have preferences.
  6. When you design a Kit, you must follow the same rules regarding traits that are detailed in the design rules above. The adopted Kits can still have a resemblance to their adoptive parents based on colors, markings, and water placement, just like non-adopted Kits!
  7. Egg slots in the adoption tidepool will NOT be linked to their original parents or sibling eggs.
  8. If you are collaborating with another member for the adoption quest, one of you must complete the required letter prompt and the other must complete a prompt from the list below. If there are more than two members working together, each additional member must complete another prompt from the list below. For example, if it’s a team of three, one of you completes the letter prompt and the other two complete a prompt each.
  9. You can complete chosen prompts with art OR writing
  10. General shell and item rewards will NOT be banked here for completed prompts! PLEASE submit your art or writing to Art Redeeming. The letter can be submitted to Art Redeeming as well.
  11. This quest will only be open when there are Egg Slots available in the Tidepool.

Art Requirements

  • Must feature fullbodies of at least two applicable Bayfoxes--if there are more Bays in the parenting relationship, they must be at least halfbody. Single parents only need to be one fullbody.
  • Normal prompts must be fully colored with a depth background. The adoption letter prompt does NOT require a background. Shading is optional.
  • Please upload your image to accessible image uploading sites and title it as “Adoption-(prompt name)

Writing Requirements

  • Must be at LEAST 300 words, though you are strongly encouraged to write more!
  • Please upload your writing to and title it as “Adoption-(prompt name)


You can choose from any of the following prompts to complete the Adoption quest! Please be sure to follow the rules listed above.

  1. Ask Eury and/or Orfeo for parenting advice and for their blessing!
  2. Shopping! What does your Bay get from the store for their new Kit?
  3. Research! Does your Bay pore over any books on Baykit psychology and wellbeing?
  4. Even more advice! Would your Bay(s) turn to their own parents for advice, or would they turn to their friends who have Kits of their own?
  5. Room Decor! How would your Bay(s) design the perfect Kit Nursery in their home?


(This is MANDATORY alongside Any of the prompts above)

Draw your bayfox writing a heartfelt letter about why they want a kit. Do they pull out the stationary to decorate, or maybe add way too many stamps? This prompt is required to be a fully colored fullbody of your bay with a letter (Background and shading are optional)! This could be anything from them writing the letter, decorating it, or maybe right as they drop it into the mailbox!


Write a 300 word long letter from your Bay’s perspective about why they want a Kit. This should be heartfelt and serious, especially if your Bay is writing as a single parent or as a subspecies that can’t normally have Kits. If this is a petition to adopt more Kits to a family, it should still be just as sincere, too. You can use anecdotes from your Bay’s own childhood, or about how often they’ve talked about having Kits with their partner, or the things they’ve learned while preparing for parenthood. It’s up to you! You must format your letter like a real letter, starting with a greeting, the body, closing, and signature. Only the body counts towards the minimum word count. Happy writing!

>>Reply here to submit your Kit Design Approvals<<

>>Reply here to submit your Adoption Applications<<

>>Reply here for questions<<


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Have a question? Reply here!

2022-01-10 19:04:39

Revali Avatar


-One comment per kit design. You must own the kit slot to submit the design for approval.
-Only traits the parents had will be free for kit design. Any extra traits will need to have items provided.
-If you're using a base, you're only allowed to use bases found in the Bayse Center.

Username(s): (Include your username and the usernames of all collaborators)
Kit Design:
Slot Replacing:
Traits you will be using:
Items used: (Optional, only needed if you are adding on traits. Please also list what traits they're being used on)
Extra: (Anything else to note)

2022-01-10 19:04:24 (Edited 2023-02-02 10:28:58)

Charry_pup Avatar

User: charry_pup
Bayfox Cove - Character :: K-0107
Traits: singletone water, chibi wings, nub horns dark water, unlisted tail

2023-06-02 16:45:06

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-If you have a couple or polycule adopting a kit, only one of you needs to make the adoption comment.
-You must be the owner of at least one of the Bays that are submitting an application to adopt.
-Please be sure you meet the art/writing requirements before you post your comment!
-By default, if a bay couple is adopting with two different owners, each owner will receive one kit slot unless specified.

Bayfox 1: (List masterlist)
Bayfox 2: (Optional)
Prompts Chosen: (Please list the prompts you used to complete the quest)
Submissions: (Please attach links to the writing or art that was made for the prompts)
How many kits will you be adopting?: (1-2)
Preference?: (priority for parent(s) who are non-water bays)
Extra: (Anything else to note)

2022-01-10 18:40:04 (Edited 2023-03-31 15:20:22)

Jinxy Avatar

Username(s): Jinxy
Bayfox 1: 2: n/a
Prompts Chosen: Research
How many kits will you be adopting?: 2

2023-03-04 17:01:08

Revali Avatar

Eury and Orfeo read Freddy's letter with warm smiles. Congrats! You've received one cuisine and one water egg!

2023-03-28 11:47:57

rebellious_wolfdog Avatar

Username(s): Rebellious_wolfdog
Bayfox 1:
Bayfox 2: n/a
Prompts Chosen: Room Decor
How many kits will you be adopting?: 1

2022-09-08 14:31:31

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